viernes, 3 de abril de 2009

A little bit about me *Egocentric post warning*

Just wanted to take a little time to you a little bit about me...

* I work as a Senior ABAP Consultant and ABAP Instructor
* I'm an SAP Mentor at SAP Mentors
* I'm an SAP Blogger at Blag on SAP Community Network
* Blogger in Spanish and English at El Blog Tecnológico de Blg and Blag's bag of rants
* I'm a programming books author at Blag's Store
* I'm a geek comics author at Blagbert Comics
* I'm a Forum moderator at SAP Community Network and SAP ABAP en Castellano
* I'm a freeware developer at Blag Software
* I run an Internet geek show at The Blag Show
* I'm married and have a daughter.
* I do programming on ABAP, PHP, Ruby and Flex.

P.S: I know...This post is really egocentric...But come on! You must promote yourself sometimes -;)



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