jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

The marathon man strikes again...

Last year I wrote a post called Kudos to Craig Cmehil and FMR24H!!! about Craig Cmehil and his 24 marathon Friday Morning Report to support Doctors without Borders.

This year, the marathon man strikes again...and hell yeah I'm going to be there to support him! -:D Be sure to check him out Agenda for FRM24 starting Friday 9, April with a very nice list of guest (most of them, friends of mine) so there's even more reason to help him in his great crusade.

Last year was interesting, funny and very geeky -:) So I'm sure this year is going to be even better...so prepare your internet connection, a six pack of Red Bulls and your credit card (You must give something to the Doctors without Borders...don't be cheap LOL).



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