viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Good resumes...bad resumes...and resumes from Hell?

While attending SAP Inside Track Newton Square 2010, my good friend Jon Reed from told me about this book "Resumes from Hell". At first...I didn't knew what to expect, but the name really caught my attention...I was decided to buy it, but as the SAP Community and The Fellowship of the SAP Mentors in so strong, Jon gave me the book for free...along with his signature and a great message -:)

So, I read the book...and it really blown my mind away...those are real resumes created but real people...and as reality is stranger than fiction...those resumes are the worst I have ever seen...some of them are going to make smile, other are going to make you laugh and some others are going to want you to pick up the guy and punch him in the face (You can't hit a lady you know...).

I really enjoyed reading the book, because by seeing how crappy some resumes can be, you can actually took your own and start doing some gardening that would lead to at least...a decent one -:)

You must buy this here's the link:

Buy Resumes from Hell!



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