miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

A new beginning...

After 3 years living in Montreal, Canada...with 1 years and 8 months with Beyond Technologies and 1 year and 3 months with SAP Labs Canada...I'm making my bags again...

This time, I'm moving along with my family to California...where I will work for SAP Labs in Palo Alto.

Why are we moving? Simply put...my team Developer Experience is divided between Palo Alto and Waldorf...being me and my team mate Vitaliy Rudnyskiy and I the only ones on our countries (Him in Poland and me in Canada)...that's why it makes perfect sense to go where the team is -;) (I wasn't of course willing to learn German).

I'm flying this Saturday, so my last days in Montreal are already here...while I worked from home most of the time, the times I visit the office were amazingly good...I made some really good friends like Pakdi, Jon, Elsa, Krista, Pierre and Nolwen. I will keep in touch with them of course -:)

As I'm moving to the Palo Alto office...both my title Development Expert and my duties will remain the same...well...actually...my duties are going to increase -:P But who cares...I love my job so much that all new duties are welcome -;)

One of the really good things about this move is that I will be able to attend all the cool meeting, hackatons and gatherings that happen in the US...so I'm really looking for that...

Of course...after all the craziness of the relocation is over...I will continue blogging like crazy, trying to give you the best coding experiences -:)



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