miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

An Introduction to Programming in Go - Book Review

I finished this book a long time ago...but somehow...I never wrote a review for it...sorry about that -:P

This was the first book I read about Go...and I have to say...I totally love it -;)

It's very concise and to the point with only 165 pages...more than enough to get your feet wet and nurture your interest in learning Go -;)

In a fast and nicely explained way, this book guide through Arrays, Slices, Maps, Functions, Concurrency, Pointers, and the Core Packages...

A good programming book doesn't have to be huge...doesn't need to teach you about every single command or technique...a good programming book should give you the basics...the elements that you need to start grasping the language itself and slowly build up so you can gain confidence and the start to move forward on your own...

I totally recommend this book to anyone learning Go...and I wish every programming language had a book like this...it would make beginners life much easier -;)


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