martes, 6 de enero de 2009

Make your migration steps...Not a pain...

Ok...Usually I don't talk about software or services that I haven't actually test...But this time, I'm going to make an small exception.

Panaya offers a great tool to make you migration steps not a pain...How do they do that? Easy...


1. Paste an ABAP report (Certified by SAP) into your SAP system.
2. Run the report to extract your custom code and usages statistics into a file.
3. Upload the file over a secure HTTPS connection to Panaya


* Analyzes your custom code and usage files.
* Maps all objects and their dependencies.
* Runs your code on ERP 6.0
* Lists problems, their solutions, and tests.

That means, no manual testing from your side...No "I need to test millions of ABAP programs"...Let Panaya do it for you -:)

Wanna learn more? Go here.

So...You might be thinking...Why I'm doing free publicity for this guys? Easy...Because they also offer this...

ABAP Ninja

A free based online service that helps you to find out the best Enhancement Points for your custom developments. Also, they participate at TechEd Las Vegas 2008...Where I saw ABAP Ninja in action.



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