viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009

Learning on Demand by SAP

As an SAP Mentor I receive a lot of goodies and free stuff from very nice people.

Today I get access to Learning on Demand by SAP, so of course I started to play with it.

When you log in you can browse the available courses, which might not be many but are going to grow in time.

Of course, first thing I did was to look for ABAP courses -;) I might be a Project Manager but still I'm crazy about ABAP Development.

I found TAW11 - ABAP Details and start reading's very well done, easy to follow and with useful information.

Something I really liked was the fact that I was expecting just a bunch of Power Point slides...but in fact, it's a bunch of slides with voice -:)

I think that LoD is a great idea...a place where you can learn various topics, with very good material. My recommendation...let it get more mature and then buy your subscription. Being a fairly new service, it needs to fix some thing and maintain a bigger library...



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GavinHeaton dijo...

Thanks for the feedback, Blag. This is the first step on a journey for us, and we are actively working on building and sourcing new content as well as creating new interactive features.