sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

This post sucks...I know that...

Sure, this post sucks...but I don't really care -:)

I been playing Wii Sports today...and after 1 hour and a lot of sweat I come to a wonderful idea...if this had been done before...don't tell coz I don't care, I'm going to do this anyway...

So...what I'm going to do? Easy fellas...this are my stats to today

1/08/2009 --> Wii Age: 61 --> Weight: 89,9 Kilos (196.211 lb).

So I'm going to keep playing everyday (In the morning before I go to work) and keep track of my progress. Of course I'm not planning to post everyday...next month...September 1st I'm going to post my results...and I'm going to loose some weight? gain more muscles? get more handsome? Let's find out in a month -:)

BTW...Nintendo is not paying me a dime for making this kind of promotion to Wii Sports...I really thing they should...so they are free to mail me so we can get a marketing deal...some free Wii games maybe?



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