jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012

This is not the first time I blog about a fitness game...last time was Again...trying to loose some weight -:P and first time was This post sucks...I know that... but this time is different for two simple reasons...this time I'm talking about an XBox 360 Kinect Game and this time...it really works -;) Or at least it seems so -:P

I got the game for Christmas so I haven't play it to much, but let me tell you...it really makes you sweat...10 ten times more than Wii Fit Plus...also, using no controls more than your body is a must -;)

Of course I haven't count them (I'm too busy exercising myself), but I assume there's about 300 exercises...covering all needed exercises...meaning that this game...is hell of an exercise -:P

But...nothing is perfect you will say -:) What I really miss (And assume not everything is possible):

* Should warn after 30 minutes of training (Like the Wii Fit Plus)
* Should calculate your body mass or something (Like the Wii Fit Plus)
* Should show some chart of how many calories your burned on each day...you're supposed to log into Your Shape Center but it fails when you try to reach the Dashboard

Anyway...the game is really awesome and you should buy it if your into going to the gym...without actually going to the gym -:P



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