domingo, 15 de marzo de 2009

My "Watchmen" review

Ok...When I first saw the Watchmen ad on the street, my thought was..."You really expect me to see some unknown and bad dressed super heroes? No way man...".

Then, I saw the ad on television and kinda get thought was..."Ok...This doesn't look bad at all...Maybe I should try it...".

A couple of days later I was listening to Enterprise Geeks Podcast - Prepare to Qualify and my friend and Geek hero Mr. Thomas Jung was talking about the movie...After that I realized that it was a graphic novel published by DC comics and written by Alan Moore.

Before thought was..."You stupid looser! Go to see the movie no matter what!"...So when my wife ask me if I wanted to go to the cinema I told her "Sure, but let's go watch Watchmen".

Then...The journey began...

I love everything about the movie...The soundtrack, the special effects, the caracters, the plot...This is now one of my all time favorite movies...A masterpiece...And even when Rorschach is completely insane...He's one of the coolest super heroes I had ever seen.

If you haven't seen the movie yet...WTF are you waiting for?! This movie rocks in so many levels! -:D

When we left the cinema my wife told me "We should really need to get this movie on DVD...Wanted to see it again..."

Me too of course...This is one of the movies that you must see twice...or maybe more...You can't get tired of a movie like this...Really -:)



martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

Geeks and Sports

Last Sunday, Milly and I get back to our Tennis lessons...I took us almost a year...But we're back on the field -;)

Now...You may asking yourselves...So, how this is supposed to be related with Geeks? Easy answer...Take a look at this...

Still not Geek enough for you? Then look at this...

You know how much I love SAP...And I try to show it every time -:)
Finally...I wanted to show you how I end before the 1 hour class...BTW, Milly played a lot way better than me -:(