jueves, 18 de junio de 2009

My favorite BlackBerry apps...and games...

I own a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 with OS and had download this wonderful app's and games -:)


Great, fun and difficult game.


A Tetris clone...everybody loves Tetris -;)

Quick Stop Watch

Simple and useful stop watch application.

The Weather Network

It's raining Mike...it's raining...

Medieval Kings Chess 2
(Go to Mobile.BlackBerry.com then Games and finally Free Games.)

Totally awesome game! I suck at Chess...and still love this game -;)


Great clone of an all time classic game.

Opera Mini

Best Berry browser...

Google Mobile App

A must have! Includes GMail, GMaps, News, Reader, Calendar, Docs, Photos, Notebook.

Google Sync

Sync your google stuff with you Berry...stay always update -;)

Mobipocker Reader

I just can't live without this! Read PDF books on your Berry! -:D

Got any other free great App or Game? Please let me know -:)



jueves, 11 de junio de 2009

TechEd Phoenix Countdown for BlackBerry

If you follow me on Twitter you might know that I bought myself an BlackBerry Pearl 8100 cellphone...my first smartphone BTW...

First thing I do, of course, was to download some needed applications and games...but also download the Eclipse Plug-In that allows you to program applications for the Berry.

As you might remember, I build an SAP TechEd Phoenix 2009 countdown using Adobe AIR so this time I wanted to build the same but using Java for BlackBerry.

From my development experience...I gotta say that it took me too little modifications to translate the ActionScript version to the Java version...so programming for the Berry is both easy and fun -:)

Wanna tried it? Download it here. It includes the .ALX and .COD files so you better need to use the Desktop Manager.

BTW...it's a very simple app...but what do you expect from a countdown app? -:)