lunes, 30 de junio de 2008

When you company doesn't respect you...

Ok...This is a true story, but I'm not going to tell names...At least...Not all names -;)

This story begins when Mr. X, my boss, asked me to start a Flex based project...I thought "Great! Finally a Flex and SAP Project"...Big surprise when he told me "It's going to be a Flex and MS Sharepoint Project"...My initial thought was "WTF? And where's SAP?" but of course I just say "Ok...I'm gonna try, I have never worked with SharePoint or Microsoft WebServices...So I can't tell you that it's going to work"..."Ok" he told me "We just want to know if we can do this, otherwise it's Ok."

So I start working on it...First, I tried with a simple Flex and SAP WebServices connection...which worked fine of course, second I tried with a public WebService which worked fine as well...So finally, I started with the SharePoint WebService...A complete failure...Was it security? Permission? Configuration? I keep trying, reading blogs, forums, tutorials, and all that I could find...

I started project on Monday...And on Wednesday...I told my boss that I couldn't do anything...It was better to shut down the project...But he told me " must keep trying...Let's try everything, before we shut the project down"...Ok...I keep trying...Download a couple of webServers...try another ways to get the WebServices going (ActionScript, MXML)...But again...I couldn't do anything...I'm not a Flex Consultant...I'm an Senior ABAP Consultant...So don't expect too much from me on the Flex part...Also...I have never worked with .NET WebServices before...That's why I told my boss...And that he replied me..."You have disappointing me, you have made us lost a lot of money, I expected more from you"...

So...Okay...I didn't tell him anything...I just heard all his complains...So you know...Guess what? I'm quitting...Why do I need to work in a place where my skills are not being take in consideration?

As you might be thinking...I'm quitting...This month is going to be my last...And of course I already got a new job -;) A Consultant Company from a friend of mine...Where I'm sure that I'm going to be able to develop all my ranting SAP stuff -;)

I know that I be shouldn't post this...But I just wanted to let all people know that sometimes the more you give the less you get in return...Don't let big companies to take advantage of you and your knowledge...We got the power...Not our bosses...



sábado, 28 de junio de 2008

Chinposin...Show you authority

Ok...Let's pretend were on Twitter and it's Friday...What does it means? Yeah! It's Chinposin Day!!!

So...What does means? Ok...Let's review some history...

Basically James Governor and Chris Dalby thought that it could be funny to make everyone update their Twitter profiles with Chinposin pics...Lame idea you might think...And maybe your right...But now, Chinposin got millions of followers...Ok, maybe not so much, but sure they had a lot of people working hard all week to post the best chinpose picture on Fridays...I'm one of those of course -;)

Ok...I know you guys are hard to get...You might be thinking..."Sure...nice thing...but a Chinpose picture every Friday it's kind of boring"...I agree...Really....But the Chinposin master is aware of that too -;) So every Friday we got a new and fresh them...Superheros...Younger you...Grooming...So the fun never ends -:D

So now...I'm pretty sure I got your interest right? You wanna know how to join the club...Piece of cake...

Follow the Chinposin Master on Twitter...

Change the picture in your profile and send an update...

You can review your status on the Chinposin main page.

Enough said...Chinposin is not a pose...It's a way of life!



viernes, 27 de junio de 2008

When your nickname...Became your name...

I'm not sure about the first time I used Blag as my nickname...But this picture is the oldest prove that I have found...Dated 2003, October 13.

Ok...My profile photo is not that old -:) I changed like 2 years ago...

Anyway...It seems that I have used my nickname for the last 5 years...In many forums, webpages and more...I'm so committed to it, that my friends called me Blag instead of Alvaro (Which is of course, my real name).

Sure, there's a couple of ways to explain this behavior...

* It's easier for non Spanish speaker to pronounce Blag instead of Alvaro.
* I always tell my friends..."Please call me Blag".
* As I said before...I'm know as Blag in the www.

So, as said by Craig Cmehil in his last Friday Morning Report, it's amazing how can people talk about me using both names, and still people are going to know that they're talking about me -:) That's for me...The power of the nickname -;)

So now...You know...If I ever meet you in real life...Don't hesitate to call me Blag...I really love my nickname.



Life in Sepia

I just going to say that I love photos in Sepia...Such an amazing color made with shades of gray and white...I took this photos this year when I went to the beach with my wife Milly.

Hope you like them -;)

Ok...So I'm not actually a professional photographer LOL



Friday Morning Report and a small tribute to...Me?

My friend and SAP Evangelist Craig Cmehil runs an on-line show called Friday Morning Report where he talks about SDN, BPX and related stuff.

Today's show was about a topic that interests me the most...Me -:D Yeah...Show was about and my contributions to the SAP Community, my programming books and stuff.

You can watch the show here on Craig's SCN blog.



martes, 24 de junio de 2008

Do you read my Feeds?

In the last couple of months a lot of people had came to me asking..."What is RSS? Why should I use it?"...Well...To me is like asking..."What a Newspaper? Why should I have one?"

What's wrong with people? I mean...All that people were SAP Consultants...That know anything about RSS...

Call me Grumpy...What that question of question really annoy me...

So...Why should we use RSS? Easy...To not keep visiting every web page to see if there are any news...I use Google Reader everyday, to get in touch with SAP, Technologies and Scripting Languages.

Feed comes in a small and organized way, so you can read all the header and decide if you want to read further or wanna go to the next bunch of feeds.

So my advice is to choose a good Feed Reader and stop wasting your time -:)



sábado, 21 de junio de 2008

What I love and Hate about Twitter...

I'm pretty sure that at this time, you all have used Twitter.
According to Twitter my first post was made on December 12, 2006 at 7:27 a.m (Before going to work I'm sure)...

After all that time...I think it's time for me to talk about what I Love and Hate about Twitter...BTW, you can follow me at Blag -:P.

What I Love:

  • I can follow my SAP Colleagues and Friends and know what they're doing.
  • I can post a Geek question and get answers quicker that you thought.
  • I can tell my friends what I'm currently doing.
  • Chinposin!
  • I can make new Geek friends.

What I Hate:

  • Twitter systems fails at least once a day...With luck...Usually it's 4 o 5 times.
  • Most people follow you just because they want to have million friends (Still don't know why...They doesn't even write you...Some of them doesn't have a single post).
  • API is not very reliable...Too slow for my taste.

So...If you follow me...It doesn't mean I'm going to follow you back...But if you got some interesting to say...Then be sure I'm going to be there -;)



viernes, 20 de junio de 2008

I love SAP's Merchandise...

Have you ever visit SAP's Shop? It's full of a great diversity of products with the SAP Loged printed on them...Well...Guess what? I love that products! I declare myself an SAP's Merchandise addict...

You might be asking...Sure Blag have a lot of SAP's merchs...But how much? Well...I have obtained my SAP stuff from a lot of sources...First of course was SCN, then I won a 50 dollars voucher because I made it to "Second Place on Scripting Languages" on SCN, then some SCN/BPX people give me some really neat gifts...And sure...I bought some of them with my money -;)

Other thing that I love and can be considered SAP's Merch...Are books from SAP Press...I have bought all of them...Because it seems that people don't like to gift Geek books...Or maybe they're kinda expensive...And they are...But also some of them really worth the money (Specially the ones I own).

Best thing for me...Being a SAP Mentor, is that I got some "Extra" SAP's Merch...The one that you could only get if your a SAP Mentor -:)



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jueves, 19 de junio de 2008

Why this blog?

As many of you might know...I blog on English at SCN and on Spanish at El Blog Tecnológico de Blag...But there are certain topics that I can't blog on SCN for some obvious reasons...And don't want to blog on my personal blog, because they're not exactly related to the theme of my blog.

That's why I have created this brand new blog...Blag's bag of rants...Where I'm going to talk about everything that I want or want to share -;)

Why I'm not doing this blog on Spanish? Easy...Call me Geek...Call me looser...But actually I feel more confortable bloggin in English than in Spanish...Maybe it's because I started my blogging career blogging in English...I'm not sure...Maybe it's because by writting in English I'm going to get more reader from all over the world...

I really hope you like this new blog...It's not going to be updated very often...Because maintaining 3 blogs at the same time, can be really hard...But I'm going to give my best shot.