miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

So...what I do at SAP Labs?

I'm sure this a question a lot of people is asking...what I do at SAP Labs? Well...first things first...I don't do ABAP anymore...that's right...I only use it when I have to, but it's the same thing with other technologies I have to play with.

My team is called "Technology Innovation and Developer Experience"...

One of my roles inside my team, is to help building both internal and external tools, so I can actually choose my weapon and start developing...so far I have used Python, Flex, PHP, WebDynpro ABAP and R.

Another of my roles is to blog about new SAP technologies, meaning that I have to blog about SAP HANA, SUP, Gateway, JPASS, SAPUI5, etc.

But...not everything is coding for me...not at all...my other roles include InnoJam management and support, blogging and support at SAP events (Run Better, DKOM, TechEd, Sapphire) and a couple of secret ones that I can't share -:)

So basically, my job is all about Research and Development and engaging developer with the coolest and latest SAP technologies -;)



viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012

Work at SAP!

Do you want to work for the best company in the world? Do you want to run faster? Do you want to run better? Best employees run SAP! -:)

My team "Technology Innovation and Developer Experience" is hiring! If you're located on Palo Alto, California or you're so good, that it doesn't matter where you are...apply now!

Hope to see you on my team soon -;)