sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Blagbert - The Graphic Novel available now!

Are you a Blagbert fan? Then you can't miss this great opportunity to buy Blagbert - The Graphic Novel


jueves, 13 de mayo de 2010

Turning your BlackBerry into a Kindle for the poor

So...you're too cheap to buy an Amazon Kindle and even more cheaper to buy an Apple IPad?

Well...that's not my case -:) It's just that as you may know or going to discover...I'm moving to Montreal, Canada with my family. My Peruvian CrackBerry which is locked will turn into a useless cellphone...so I had two simple options...sold it here or just dump it into the trash...Gladly I found out a third and more elegant solution...

I installed quite time ago this great software called Mobipocket Reader which allows you to read files in a variety of formats...if you, like me, stand to read in the small BlackBerry screen, then this software is for you.

So, with the Mobipocket Reader installed (and of course a big selection of nice books), we just need to start deleting all the things we are not going to use anymore...like games, GMail client (Actually all Google Stuff) and so on...why? Simple...I'm not going to have a carrier in Canada...I'm not going to have an Internet provider...why I would like to keep all those applications that are nothing without the web?

Delete everything and just keep the essentials...this way you're going to have a more useful and quick device to read books and took pictures -;)

Almost forgot...I'm going to have a brand new IPhone waiting for me to be hacked W00T!