jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009

Wait a second! Am I famous?

Today, Mark Yolton from SAP Community Network gave me really wonderful news...follow this link and tell who's that handsome and smart guy on the picture...


Cool isn't it -;)



viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009

Learning on Demand by SAP

As an SAP Mentor I receive a lot of goodies and free stuff from very nice people.

Today I get access to Learning on Demand by SAP, so of course I started to play with it.

When you log in you can browse the available courses, which might not be many but are going to grow in time.

Of course, first thing I did was to look for ABAP courses -;) I might be a Project Manager but still I'm crazy about ABAP Development.

I found TAW11 - ABAP Details and start reading it...it's very well done, easy to follow and with useful information.

Something I really liked was the fact that I was expecting just a bunch of Power Point slides...but in fact, it's a bunch of slides with voice -:)

I think that LoD is a great idea...a place where you can learn various topics, with very good material. My recommendation...let it get more mature and then buy your subscription. Being a fairly new service, it needs to fix some thing and maintain a bigger library...



jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009

Twitter is down...but don't panic...

Believe it or not...Twitter is down again...so what can we do now?

Relax...there's always a nice and elegant solution to this kind of critic problems...just visit this site... When Twitter is down



sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

This post sucks...I know that...

Sure, this post sucks...but I don't really care -:)

I been playing Wii Sports today...and after 1 hour and a lot of sweat I come to a wonderful idea...if this had been done before...don't tell coz I don't care, I'm going to do this anyway...

So...what I'm going to do? Easy fellas...this are my stats to today

1/08/2009 --> Wii Age: 61 --> Weight: 89,9 Kilos (196.211 lb).

So I'm going to keep playing everyday (In the morning before I go to work) and keep track of my progress. Of course I'm not planning to post everyday...next month...September 1st I'm going to post my results...and I'm going to loose some weight? gain more muscles? get more handsome? Let's find out in a month -:)

BTW...Nintendo is not paying me a dime for making this kind of promotion to Wii Sports...I really thing they should...so they are free to mail me so we can get a marketing deal...some free Wii games maybe?