miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

When in Montreal...

By now, you must know this (I already told everyone LOL)...I'm currently living in Montreal, Canada. It's been a week and 3 days so far for me...but it seems like ages, since my wife and daughter are not with me at this moment...anyway, I'm going back to Lima, Peru to pick them up and get back here to sunny (Ok...sunny by now) Montreal.

I had already gone to work, took the subway, go to do shopping, make my own meals, clean my apartment, do my laundry...so I can say, I feel pretty much comfortable in here -;)

What I like about Montreal? Well...it's a warm city (I'm taking about the people, I gotta live the winter yet), multi-cultural, fully gastronomic and peaceful.

I should post more of my Canadian adventures soon...so stay tuned -;)