martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Welcome to the d-shop

* This is only for SAP Employees and Friends*

Are you an SAP Employee? Are you a friend with access to SAP Labs in Palo Alto? can come into the d-shop and have some fun...we're located in the Building 7 of the Deer Creek campus...

So...what's the d-shop?'s a place where developers can come to chat, hack and have some fun...we have many toys and gadgets and of course tutorials and workshops to get you started...

What we have so far is this...

  • Fitbit Flex
  • Nike Fuelband
  • Jawbone UP
  • Google Glass
  • Lego Mindstorm
  • Parrot ARDrone
  • Sphero
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Yun
  • Beaglebone Black
  • Estimote
  • Konkakt
  • Little Bits
  • Oculus Rift
  • Leap Motion
  • Microsoft Kinect
  • Phillips Hue
  • Porkfolio
  • Ultimaker 3D Printer
  • Makerbot 3D Printer
Of course...we're looking for more -;)

You can come...learn...start your own project and share it with the community...but rule of thumb...the toys stay can check in...but you can't check out -;)


Development Culture.

miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

Buy one...get one free...Packt Publishing 2000 titles!

My good friends at Packt Publish just released an awesome campaign, celebrating their 2000 titles!

From March 18 to March 26, 2014 you will be able to have unlimited purchases and also the offer is added automatically at checkout...

Not to be missed! Get some books and start learning!


Development Culture.

jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Leap Motion - Product Review

This last days...I have been working with the Leap Motion an awesome little device that allow you to control your application by simply using you hands or mouse attached -;)

The price as you can very appealing...only $79.99 for endless possibilities...

If you go to the Leap Motion Developers page you will find both the software (to use it) as the SDK to program with it and it comes with many of the most used languages like...

  • C++
  • C#
  • Objective-C (IPhone)
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Node.JS
Of course...there's plenty of community projects to support even more programming environment...which is always really cool...

To actually code with's really easy, as they have done a pretty good job encapsulating everything and giving back only what is needed for a program to the learning curve is really good...

Of course...the Leap Motion is not perfect...but it's a work in progress and updates are coming often...

If you haven't got one yet...I for sure recommend you to do's so much fun to use it and code for it...

So far...I have used the Leap Motion with C++ and Python...where I have built some nice projects...
  • DrawPad! --> C++, Cinder and Leap Motion.
  • Memory Game --> C++, Cinder and Leap Motion. 
  • Sphero_LeapMotion --> Python, Sphero and Leap Motion.
Of course...I'm planning to built more stuff -;) As I'm currently looking forward to learn some Unity3D...

You can watch a little video of my Memory Game here -:)


Development Culture.