martes, 17 de septiembre de 2013

Software Development on the SAP HANA Platform - Book review

Some time ago I did a technical review for SAP HANA Starter from Mark Walker.

This time I had the pleasure to read Software Development on the SAP HANA Platform a really nice book for beginners on SAP HANA.

The book is really good and full of pictures, examples and clear explanation that will get from an SAP HANA noob to a well versed SAP HANA enthusiast.

Mark cover everything from a single but powerful comparison between SAP HANA and MySQL to XS Development passing of course between the creation of Attribute Views and data provisioning on SAP HANA.

The full book is around 303 pages so you will get what you pay for...a comprehensive guide and tour through the amazing wold of SAP HANA.

So...if you still haven't get your hands dirty with these awesome SAP In-Memory technology, don't waste more time and get the book, you don't be disappointed.

And truth to be said...with the rapid and mass adoption of SAP HANA, many people just want to jump on the wagon and make some money by selling books without real content...Mark Walker does an awesome job of delivering a great learning experience...just in the way I would do it myself...clear examples full of images so you can know exactly what to expect and know exactly what to do next.


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viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013

Running R inside SAP HANA Studio

*DANGER* This is just a silly blog and shouldn't be taken any seriously.*DANGER* may wonder...why is Blag writing a silly blog? Well...I'm a Developer Evangelist...and it's my job to keep developers entertained  Also...I have so free time to spare

As you all may know...SAP HANA Studio runs on top of Eclipse...which means that if we can run R on Eclipse...then we can obviously run R on SAP HANA Studio...that's exactly what we're going to do

As easy as it gets...follows this instructions...

  • Go to Help --> Install New Software
  • Put the following repository

  • Choose Walware - StatET

  • Once installed, your SAP HANA Studio will restart and you will need to configure R.
  • Go to Windows --> Preferences.
  • StatET --> Run/Debug --> R Environments --> Add (In my picture, I'm using Edit as I already add it).

  • Either on the Command Line or in RStudio, install the following...
  • install.packages(c("rj", ""), repos="")
  • Also install RJava as well...install.packages("RJava") need to start the R
  • Go to the little Green Arrow button and press "R_Console".

Once that it's done, we can go ahead and create our R script...
  • Go to File --> New Project --> R Project.
  • On the created R Project, right click and select New --> R Script File.

Copy this code inside your new file...

result<-subset(result, !duplicated(DISTANCE))

Now...go to the "Modeler" a SQL Console and write the following...


Run it...and here's come the funny part...go to the Result tab and select all records...then press Copy Rows, so the selection gets copied into the Clipboard.

Go back to the StatET perspective and click the "Run file in R via command" button...

When you run the're not going to see any response, unless there's an just go to the R Graphics tab which is at the bottom where the Console window seats...expand it...and you will see a Cluster Dendogram graphic generated -;)

I told you...this was a very silly post...but at least...we never left the SAP HANA Studio -:P

See you next time!

Developer Experience.