miércoles, 16 de julio de 2008

SAP TechEd 2008 - Las Vegas

Yesterday...I got one of the most awesome news ever...I'm going to SAP TechEd 2008 - Las Vegas.

This is going to be my second year attending such an amazing event...First time was last year, when most of my wildest dream came true...I meet all my friends in real life, get a lot of gifts, and most important I learned a lot.

So...What's going to be different this year? Easy...As an SAP Mentor I'm going to host a BoF (Birds of a Feather) session called SmallWorlds - Building a Community Clubhouse on a 3D World Environment.

Also...I know that DemoJam is going to present an awesome project called...ESME...I started participating in this project....But due to lack of time I had to leave -:( Gladly my Team Mates had done a incredible job -:D

You can expect blog posts, video blogs and a lot of pictures from me...



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