viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2008

Looking for the perfect Ruby IDE

I consider myself a Ruby fan...That's why I'm always looking for news and of course...IDE's.

My first approach was FreeRide, a Ruby based IDE. What I love about this IDE it it's simplicity...While some people are getting used to fancy RAD tools, I like to keep things as simple as possible...FreeRide offers this.

Second try was Ruby in Steel, which is free in it's personal edition. I have never been a huge fan of Visual Studio even when I got some C# skills...Despise that, I decide to give this IDE a try...Installation was quick and smooth...However, as I already had Ruby installed on my laptop, I decided to skip it from the installation for later configuration...Sad surprise when I pointed to my Ruby installation folder...Ruby in Steel didn't accept it...According to the message, I needed Ruby to be installed on Program Files folder, while I have it under Programacion folder. Bad thing, as I got no plans on uninstalling my current configuration...

My last attempt was NetBeans 6.5 which is currently bundling Ruby/Rails, Groovy/Grails, C/C++, Java/JavaME/JavaFX and PHP (I wonder why left out Python and Perl)...This was a real pleasant surprise...NetBeans had done an excellent job...I really love the IDE and sure love the Ruby support which is run under JRuby...I could installed all my beloved gems and start working...Highly recommended -:)

Now...I know what you're thinking..."Hey Blag...Haven't you tried Eclipse?" Sure I did, but doesn't think it was necessary to put it here...I use Eclipse for my Flex development and wanted to keep it that way...

Also...There are a plethora of IDE's out there...But those three we're the most important to me...Which are yours?



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