viernes, 6 de febrero de 2009


I had been thinking about this for a long time...But totally forgot to blog about it.

Why is wrong with SAP Marketing? A lot...

Have you take a look at SAP Ads? Do you know the guys and gals in those ads? Do they even look like Geek or Suits? Who's the guys sitting on the airport on SE80?

My point is...Let's say that SAP launches an Ad promoting Flash Islands...Would you buy it if the Ad shows a regular guy showing some nice Flex app...Or would you buy it if the Ad shows Mr. Thomas Jung doing some geeky coding? I would of course go for the latter. (I know that Flash Islands is not even sold...But I needed a good example).

So, why don't SAP start using SAP Mentors or other Community Members for it's Ads? It would make a lot of sense to me...Demo Jam poster got a great picture of the crowd (I was on the pic) because Demo Jam is oriented to the Community...That's true...But SAP products are oriented to Business...And Business are composed of Geeks and Suits...By showing familiar faces I'm sure they could make more impact.

Most companies do the same mistake...I saw an Ad of Lenovo I think, where a guy who look more suitable for a Lacoste Ad was standing in front of the laptop...Who's that guy? I don't know and I don't care...Put a pic of Why The Lucky Stiff instead of that guy...And hell I'm going to buy myself a new Lenovo...

Remember...Familiar faces make the Ads more likely...Why do you think that Fender or Tama uses know musicians of their Adds? Simple...Because people know them...If Fender or Tama uses my pic in a Ad...They going to bankruptcy...No musician knows me... -;)

Ok...After this line...And because I know my readers...This is not a "Please SAP, put me on an Ad"...This is a "SAP...Open your eyes and start using SDN/BPX people in your Ads!".



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Anónimo dijo...

Ok..if you're gonna criticize (which we don't mind in the least), spell correctly, that way folks will take you more seriously :) its Ad, not Add.

As to your points... did you know that our media library contains pics of SAP employees? Do you know we use those pics in externally facing materials? They are the very geeks you desire...maybe you need to come visit Walldorf and see for yourself. As the pics themselves. The goal is to choose pictures that are representative of the folks that buy software, not code software... coders dont influence buying decisions nearly as often as an IT business analyst working for a CIO does. So the pictures target buyers and influencers... whish is how advertising works.

Alvaro "Blag" Tejada Galindo dijo...


Thanks for your comments and the spell check correction...I had fix the blog (Keep in mind that English is not my mother language, and Firefox Spell Checker doesn't recognized Add as a wrong word...My fault anyway).

I didn't know that they we SAP employees...That's why this was a Rant and not a blog published on SCN...I might not be aware of everything happening at SAP, but I think I'm free to express my opinions and my concerns -;)

BTW...I wasn't criticism...I meant this blog as positive criticism -;)