domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009

ChessJam - Online chess

I must admit that I'm really bad at Chess...but it doesn't mean I don't like it -;)
So, when I was browsing my RSS Reader, I found ChessJam.

ChessJam is a pretty neat application build on Adobe Flex and ColdFusion running on Adobe AIR.

But you might be asking...what's the big buzz about a Chess game? can play against bots or against people from all around the me...that's awesome -:)

We have to create an account and then log-in.

We can choose to play a single game or chat and challenge other players....

We can choose varios types of games (Depending on the game time play) or enter a Tournament.

We have plenty of room to choose if the want to play against a bot or another human being.

We can choose between a nice 3D look...

or a nice 2D classic view...

When you sign must give out your Country of the system could run some nice statistics.

So...why don't you give this game a chance? Play it...enjoy it and pass it along -;)