viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

Blag's experiments with SUP - Volume 2

As's another of my experiments with SUP...this time, I wanted to something more interesting and more complex...something that really gave me an SUP I took something that I build a long time ago by using PHP and SAP...I'm talking about an SBWP aka. SAP Mail emulation.
Of course, I needed to go back to my ABAP roots and build some RFC enabled function modules.
(The code is a little bit long, so I will upload it along with the SUP code to Code Exchange )
With that ready...we can start doing some SUP business...first, let me show the Model.

It's really easier than it looks. As we have 4 function modules, we create 4 MBO's (Business Model Objects) and we link two of them...the Titles with the Details...

We need to establish a relation between Titles and Details, because we're going to have a screen with the Titles and for each one, we're going to show it's detail.

It's very important to define the Personalization keys, as they are going to pass as parameters for the MBO's.

This is the Personalization for the Send Mail MBO.

With all that explanation, we can take a look at the demo, which is running on a BlackBerry emulator.

As we can see, we can do everything that we could do on the SBWP transaction...but as always -:(  I have a little bug...when the Reply window comes out, the "To:" should be filled, however, I haven't been able to do it yet...after all...SUP is a new technology, and we're all learning how to use it -;)

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