jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012

System Mechanic - Fix you PC now!

As a Technology Evangelist, I need to work with a lot of different technologies everyday, some of those technologies are simple and doesn't require too much resources, but others are really huge and require a very large amount of resources.

Having a laptop with 8GB of RAM is not always enough, as most of the time I need to have many programs open and running at the same time, without counting the web browser with at least 8 open tabs, Power Point and Word, along with Outlook and Skype.

For this reason, I always have handy tools to make my job easier, like RAM defrags, Memory defrags, System cleaners, etc. They all do a great job, but...they are a lot of additional programs that I need to keep open while I'm working.

Today, I tried System Mechanic from Iolo for the very first time. And I must confess...I'm very impressed...

System Mechanic solves all the problems I used to fix using different tools, but using only one. And the speed was something that grasp my attention...a lot of tasks were performed and problems fixed in a really short time. And believe it or not, you can feel the difference in performance just as soon as this nice piece of software finish its job.

But, let's take a look at some images, as it's always better to see it in action.

Initial Screen with handy information

Main dashboard prompting us to perform a System Analysis

We can choose if we want a Quick or Deep Analysis

Performing a Deep Analysis

System Status Analysis

Problem found on my laptop

I chose of course to fix everything

Fixing complete in a real short time

Too many startup programs? Let's get rid of some of them

After the fix, my laptop feels renewed

RAM problems? Hard Disk space? Let's fix them as well

Memory Usage Analysis

De-fragmenting my RAM slots

5% recovery? Without closing any of my open programs? Awesome!

Report showing that 995 fixes were done and 521MB where released from my Hard Disk

At this point, I'm sure you want to buy it! But...if you're still not sure...why don't you grab the free version and test it yourself? I'm sure you will be not disappointed at all... -;)

And BTW...I was saving something else for grand finale...

A Widget is always running and monitoring our system



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