viernes, 31 de julio de 2015

My first post on Zonnon

As always...I was looking for new and cool programming languages to learn...and then Mark Teichmann came up with something really nice -;) The Zonnon programming language...

So...what's Zonnon? Zonnon is a general-purpose programming language in the Pascal, Modula-2 and Oberon family...and it's run on .NET/Mono...

It's been a really long time since I used Pascal or Delphi...but...just like riding a bicycle...the knowledge came back as soon I started writing some code -;)

Now...the only problem I have with that's there's almost no documentation...and what's available is in lot Google helped me up...

Here's the Fibonacci Numbers app...

module Fibo;
var num: integer;
var a, b: integer;

procedure fib (var num, a, b : integer): string;
var result: string;
var ab: integer;
 result := "";
 if (a > 0) & (num > 1) then
  num := num - 1;
  ab := a + b;
  result := result + string(ab) + " " + fib(num, ab, a);
 elsif a == 0 then
  num := num - 1;
  ab := a + b;
  result := string(a) + " " + string(b) + " " + string(ab) + " " + fib(num, ab, b);
 return result;
end fib;

 a := 0;
 b := 1;
 write("Enter a number: ");readln(num);
end Fibo.

And a couple of pictures...

I need to keep playing and exploring Zonnon...there's a lot of cool things still hiding from me -;)


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