martes, 23 de septiembre de 2008

What's in a Mockup?

A couple of days ago, mi friend Anne Kathrine Petteroe also known as Yojibee post a blog about Balsamiq Mockups titled Great tool for creating UI mockups...Of course, I take the time to download and start to play with the tool...

Mockups is an awesome Flex based tool for creation of...well...Mockups, which are UI screens...So what the deal with this tool?

As Yojibee said in her blog...

I am a person, who still likes to hand-draw my mockups on paper first, so the fact that the controllers in this app all have a hand-drawn look to them, give these mockups the same feeling to them as if they were drawn on paper.

By looking at the interface, you can quickly realize that your working on a sheet of paper, and all the components seems to be drawing by hand...Which makes you feel like you're drawing by hand...Feels weird at the beginning, but sure it's fun -:)

For example...I'm working on an Open Source project called ABAPIF which stands for ABAP Interactive Fiction...And ABAP engine and client for Interactive Fiction games...Thanks to Mockups you can see how the client interface is going to be...That would be a lot of pain if I had to do it using classic image tools like Photoshop or The Gimp...

What about a web based form?

Easy right?

Mockups is not only an fun and innovative tool...I think it's a must for any web or software related project.

You can download the free trial at Balsamiq Mockups.



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