viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Tale of an SAP addict...

Doctor: Please come in.
Patient: Thank you.
Doctor: What's your name?
Patient: atejadag.
Doctor: That's your name?
Patient: Yes. It's my user name.
Doctor: Ok. Where do you live?
Patient: SE38.
Doctor: SE38?
Patient: Yes. That's where I spend most of my time.
Doctor: Ok. What places have you visited?
Patient: Oh. Last week I was at SE37...SE80...SmartForms and ST22... :-)
Doctor: Did you just lay down your head to the left and smile?
Patient: No. I just smiled.
Doctor: Ok, never mind. Do you have any kids?
Patient: Sure. I got two.
Doctor: Great. What are their names?
Patient: R/3 and NetWeaver. NetWeaver is the younger.
Doctor: Ok. Those are very unusual names.
Patient: I'm a very unusual guy.
Doctor: Yeah...I can tell.
Patient: ...
Doctor: I know why you are here...But can you tell me why you are here?
Patient: Sure. I suffer from short dumps.
Doctor: You're what?
Patient: My sy-subrc are always more than zero.
Doctor: Ok. I just hear enough. You really need my help. Please come back next week.
Patient: Ok, thank you very much. /NEX
Doctor: And now...What you're supposed to do?
Patient: I'm trying to end this session.../NEX...But it doesn't work...You may need to call your Basis guys.
Doctor: ...Don't worry, I'm going to do it...



4 comentarios:

tuli0 dijo...

jajajajaja demasiado bueno. Mi lugar de residencia generalmente está en la SE24, y a veces visito a mis primos que están en la SE11 =)

Cynthia Sadler dijo...

Hehe! It's been a while since I lived in SAP, but it's funny!

Guillermo dijo...

jajaja, buenisimo Blag.

Hugo_DC dijo...

apenas me encuentro con este blog tuyo en inglés...

esta entrada es muy divertida :-)