miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

Legends of Zork

A couple of weeks ago I started playing Legends of Zork. But wait a minute...don't think that it's a new version of the all time hall of fame game Zork.

Legends of Zork is a nice game, web based, created by Jolt Online.

When we log in, we are presented to a map so we can choose our destination.

When we explore a territory, we can see our status (life points, money, number of action points and experience points).

In fights, there nothing we can do...only wish that our power, armor and statistics helps us to beat the monsters. Anyway...it's fun to watch how many points you lost trying to beat them up.

While fighting, you can be lucky to find the mysterious Fanucci cards...which can grant you more power (Body, mind or spirit).

So, if you asked me...sure I love this game...it's not a fancy game with 3D blasting graphics...but surely going to give you a lot of fun -;)



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