miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009

SAP Inside Track Lima 2009

I know there are still several months for July...But with all Inside Track event coming around the world, I think this is a good time for tell you about...

SAP Inside Track Lima 2009

This event is about sharing knowlegde, spreading the word about SAP and it's related technologies, so it's all about you. You giving or attending sessions, you sharing experiences with other SAP professionals.

So the basic questions...

Where? Need to be confirmed, but of course of Lima, Perú.

When? Saturday 04, July 2009.

Cost? Free of couse.

Because official Community Day is no more. We need to put even more power to local events.

When can I sign up? There's a link on the WIKI...but...Here's the direct link:

For Attendants

For Sponsors

Hope to see you there!



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