jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

VTech's V.Reader...for Geek kids

I usually don't write about kids stuff...but this time I have to make an exception...you'll see...my daughter loves my IPhone and that's a good thing...she learned to use the touch screen, enter the program I download specially for her and stuff...but when I need to check my mail, read a book or make a phone call...it's not that funny and cute anymore -;)

So, the other day my wife and I were looking for some toys for our daughter...a toy laptop actually...and we just get freeze when we discover the VTech's V.Reader, a geeky little toy with guess what...touch screen! and the most important thing for us...it reads stories, with graphics, games, dictionary...what else could be asked for? I grabbed my credit card and bought it right away...along with a Dora the Explorer game -:)

Yesterday, she used it for the first time...and I can tell you, when I took my IPhone out, she didn't even look at it, she just wanted to watch and listen the story all over again...best gift we ever gave her...we can't be more happy -:D

But sure...the magic never stops...if you have an SD Card, you can go online, register you V.Reader and get 6 coins that you can use to download more stories! 1 coin per story, so basically you have a free game cartridge, and 6 games to download...

If your kid is 2 to 6 years...then this is a perfect Christmas present...that's for sure -;)

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