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Blag's best blogs picks from 2011

So 2011 is already was a good year, so now it's the time for to continue with a tradition I started 4 years ago with the blog Blag's best blogs picks from 2007.

I can see with hapiness, that each year, better blogs are being done, and it's hard for me not to include them on the list, so it became bigger each year.

Again, I'm not an expert in each field, far from that, the only thing I did, just like previous years, is browse the blogs from each month, and try to select the ones that for me are the best, or simply are hidden gems....blogs with no comments, but that really delivers something important. Hope you like this list -:) And if you're not in it...sorry, but make a huge list like this is a very overwhelming job, so I'm surely missed really nice blogs -:(


Don't try to be smart. Be smart. by Tobias Trapp

Caffeine in Action by Daniel Vocke

ABAP Trapdoors: The Myth of the Instance Constructor by Volker Wegert

Operations Research & ABAP by Tobias Trapp


Open Source

More Barcodes with Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript by Robert Russell

Dealing with R and HANA by Alvaro Tejada Galindo

abap2gapps: is your ABAP ready for the Google cloud? by Ivan Femia

OAuth2: Next generation authentication API by Ivan Femia


On Demand and Software as a Services (SaaS)

Why Dick Hirsch is mostly wrong about ByDesign guerilla tactics by Dennis Howlett

Guerrilla Tactics for SAP’'s OnDemand 'Go to Market' Strategy by Richard Hirsch


Improving My Experience

Does the SAP SCN community need more achievements and rewards? by Tom Cenens

"Programmers are lazy" - InnoJam them! by Chris Paine

Download basket approvals gone with the wind by Tom Cenens


SAP Developer Network

16 SAP Mentor Magic Moments 2010 by Mark Finnern

SCN Blogs Go Mobile by Gali Kling Schneider

SDN Time Capsule : How it all started by Jeff Word by Martin Gillet

Things that drive me crazy on SDN by Martin Maruskin 

Top 25 SCN Blogs of all Time by Mark Finnern


Web Dynpro

Kiss of Life for ABAP Dynpro –- It’s going to stay, so let’s improve the integration by Thorsten Franz



Sorry Singleton I don't love you anymore. by Chris Paine


Community Projects

Can the community be improved? by Dennis Howlett

A simple way of giving back to the community by John Astill

Damned If You Do And Damned If You Do Not by Marilyn Pratt


Governance, Risk and Compliance

Making the case for SAP Mentor alumni program by Dennis Howlett


Beyond SAP

[Plagiarism] Why thieves from portals like are safe ? Bloggers please help... by Michal_Krawczyk_PIXI

OINK OINK! Welcome to the SAP Gamification Cup! by Mario Herger

Is ABAP for Non-ABAPers (Functionals)? by Fabio Luiz Esperati Pagoti

Not your Grandfather’s SAP (Recommended by Ivan Femia) by Thorsten Franz

About 'Embracing Inclusion to Drive Innovation' by Matthias Steiner

R.I.P Dennis Ritchie, and thank you ! by Vijay Vijayasankar

Rest In Peace, Game Changer by Vijay Vijayasankar

A word of thanks by Tom Cenens

Join with SAP and the U.N. as One of the 7 Billion! by Mark Yolton



Bad good, and Great Consultants??? by Michelle Crapo

Etiquette Versus Netiquette by Bala Prabahar

Five signs that the new SCN is dysfunctional by Jim Spath



Embed an HTML landing page into your SAP GUI home screen by John Moy

Why Workday is a Major Threat to SAP by Jarret Pazahanick


Business Process Management

SAPMentors + ASUG +VNSG +SAP = #winning! by Susan Keohan


Business Process Expert

Embracing Inclusion –- Driving Innovation : An Introduction by Marilyn Pratt


SAP TechEd

Why I'm excited about the upcoming TechEd in Las Vegas by Matt Harding

Help an SAP Mentor with his travels? by Jim Spath

SCNotty Goes To Bollywood by Jim Spath

Design Thinking, Women in technology at Tech-ed BLR 2011 a participant’'s view by SINGHKUMUD



Tasting the mix of Python and SAP by Alvaro Tejada Galindo


In-Memory Business Data Management

POV: HANA's impact on ABAP Programming by Ram Batulla

Quick Thoughts about HANA and InMemory Technology by Richard Hirsch

Finding SAP HANA Documentation by John Appleby

An InnoJam Experience - with HANA flavour by Sarat Atluri

Are we putting the cart before the horse? by Bala Prabahar

Experience HANA - the wish list by Vijay Vijayasankar

How much of the game will HANA change? by Vijay Vijayasankar

Why SAP HANA 1.0 SP03 - Project Orange - will be a runaway success by John Appleby

Using Excel on HANA by Thomas Zurek

ExaData, ExaLogic, and now ExaLytics? ExaSperating… by Aiaz Kazi



An Android App for searching HELP.SAP.COM by John Moy

Mobile SAP Applications using DHTMLX Touch by Brad Pokroy

SAPMentors Outreach iOS App by Bjoern Weigand 

Proudly Presenting the SAP Mentors Outreach Mobile App for Android – Connect with SAP Mentors at SAPphireNOW/ASUG Orlando by Thorsten Franz

Thoughts on the current debate about the Sybase Unwired Platform and options to energize the mobile development community by Richard Hirsch

SAP Mentor Outreach is now available on JQuery Mobile by Ivan Femia

An experiment of Android with HANA In-Memory Database by Sudhir Verma

BSP mobile logon screen using jQueryMobile by Alessandro Spadoni


SAP Streamwork

SAP StreamWork: Picking up Steam? by Tammy Powlas


Social Media and Social Networks

Why Google+'s rapid adoption doesn't impress me by Jamie Oswald

8 Ways to Let You Know SCN is Listening (on Twitter) by Sylvia Santelli

Confessions of mixed emotions about the coming new SCN by Gretchen Y Lindquist

What I Learned About Social Media Marketing from a Webinar on Mobile Marketing by Natascha Thomson

How cool is SCN? by Graham Robinson

What it means to me to be an SAP Mentor by Natascha Thomson

12 SAP Troublemakers by Jarret Pazahanick

I'm outta here !! by Dennis Howlett

Unsolicited Advice for Blogging Marketers by Jamie Oswald


Emerging Technologies

My first Android Application by Girish Kaimal



Ruby, Camping and...Gateway? by Alvaro Tejada Galindo

Building a Cross-Platform Mobile App with rhomobile by Mark Teichmann



SAP HANA InnoJam Online, SAP's new developer competition by Anne Hardy

SCN runs SAP! by Maya Bahar


SAP NetWeaver Gateway

Thoughts on NetWeaver Gateway by Graham Robinson

SAP NetWeaver Gateway: 90-day trial version, train race, webinar, and other news by Helena Losada 

SAP NetWeaver Gateway: A Poor Man's EDMX Generation Tool by James Wood


Community Day

SAP Inside Track Milan 2011 - The reporting by Ivan Femia



Consuming SAP NetWeaver Gateway OData web services using PHP by Christopher Reichley


Visual Composer

Old School UI Modeling - Meet HANA by Yariv Zur

Portal Development - Why Web Dynpro Java is replaceable by Tobias Hofmann

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