miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014

How to Design Programs - Book Review

I just finished reading How to Design Programs, a book meant for beginners that want to get into the wonderful world of programming...and for that they use Scheme and DrScheme (which is now called Racket).

Of course, they don't focus on Scheme but on the design principles of programming...which makes this one a really important book.

The book itself is pretty big...with 565 pages...

There's a lot of really nice examples ranging from really basic to somehow complex, so there's a good learning curve attached to it.

Using Scheme as a starting point for learning programming is in my opinion a really smart choice...the syntax might be kind of weird sometimes but the good thing is that there are not so many keywords so learning it it's not a hard task...

Even if you have experience in programming...this book is really helpful and it goes beyond the simple act of programming as it teaches you how to design, build and test your application...making it more robust and less error prone...

If you have the chance...read this book...you will not regret it -;)


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