lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

LeapTV - Game System Review

I have always love LeapFrog so when I read that we're planning to release a brand new gaming console...I couldn't stop myself from pre-ordering it -;)

LeapTV is in my opinion...a mix between Education, Wii and XBox Kinnect...just enough to keep our little ones engaged, exercised, happy and practice their school skills...

The console comes with a control and a Kinnect like sensor...but no cartrige includes a "Pet Play World" game when you register it's a nice game where you need to pick a pet and take care of him/her -;)

Of course...I couldn't left my daughter with just one included I bought a couple more -:)

Kart Racing Supercharged is a "Mario Kart" like game where the kids needs to solve some math questions in order to get better equipment for their cars...

Sports! includes nine games like Super Goallie, Skateboarding and Bowling...and here kids needs to use their addition, subtraction, patterns and shapes skills...

The un-boxing and setup was of course pretty easy and the controller is wireless...

This picture is from the "Pet Play World" game...

And here's the skateboarding game on Sports!

Kart Racing Supercharged is really nice too -;)

I can say...LeapFrog and LeapTV haven't disappoint me at all...this is a great gaming console for little kids and they will open their App Store the fun will never end -;)


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