viernes, 22 de agosto de 2008

Adobe...You're doing a great job with developers!

This monday, is was on Twitter like always...And talked about my upcoming Flex Book (Only in Spanish...English version to come later)...Suddenly I got a message from Areez Gangji from Adobe.

Of course, I said yes...Wondering how long it would take them to get to Perú...Wonderful news when my wife called me yesterday (Only 2 days before) telling me that she had received an Adobe Package for me.

When I opened (Big package), there were 4 giant Flex 3 (Both Flex and ActionScript) posters...But not your average kind of poster...They were Geek Posters! All the Flex and ActionScript keywords and core language features...

And that seems to be too much...But there were more...5 nice and fancy Flex stickers...One for my wife's laptop, another for my own laptop and 3 more to keep on reserve -;)

Sorry I haven't took any pictures...But my camera is full of my daughter's pics -;)

Anyway...As I said in the title...Adobe is making hell of a good work by making Developers feel good and recognized...I have wrote books on Euphoria, PHP, Java and Ruby but haven't get any poster, sticker or e-mail...Which is kinda sad -:( Actually it wasn't...But with Adobe's personal approach, it had become sad -:'(

Just for the record...SAP haven't send me posters or stickers for any of my R/3 or NetWeaver books...But hey -;) I know almost all the crew and they had give really cool presents in the past -:D So no complains! You guys/gals do a great job as well -:) But if someone could give me a bunch of stickers at TechEd Vegas 08, you will make my life complete -;)



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