viernes, 4 de abril de 2014

Amazon fireTV - First Thoughts

On Wednesday, April 04 I got an email from Amazon telling me about the Amazon fireTV...I heard something about it some time ago but totally forgot until I get that email...

As I truly love Amazon, my first thought was "I need to buy it"...and my second thought was "I need to wait for it to arrive"...gladly...being an Amazon Prime arrive as quickly as expected...

The Unboxing

It was a nice a pleasant experience -:) The box came with my Amazon fireTV and my Amazon Basics HDMI cable...that I order separately...

It amazed me the fact that the fireTV is just a small and flat black box...well...I have never used Roku, Apple TV or Chrome what should I know?

The Remote is really nice, compact and with buttons enough to make life simple and also comes with Speech Search...which I need to say...either my English sucks or the Speech Search needs a lot of improvement  -:(

The Installation

Installation was really a snap...hook it up to the power outlet...plug in the HDMI and enjoy...I didn't even need to read the manual -:P

The first time running

First's the fireTV will give the latest software available...that will take no more than a couple of minutes...

Once your fireTV is ready to run, you will a nice video showcasing the goodies of the...fireTV of course -:)

I have read that some people complain about this video...but actually I found it funny, short and only runs once (unless you want to see it again)...

The Performance

So far...I have tested on two TVs...the one in the living room where the WIFI is and my both places it worked perfectly fine...great speed and performance for Netflix and Amazon Instant Video...also...the interface is cleaner and easier to browse...actually Netflix seems to look better and more organized here...

Verdict after a couple of days

Well...only a couple of days has happened...but...I totally love my Amazon even come with games! Come on! You can see Minecraft showing up...after some more time...I will be able to give a better review -;) Stay tuned!


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