viernes, 20 de junio de 2008

I love SAP's Merchandise...

Have you ever visit SAP's Shop? It's full of a great diversity of products with the SAP Loged printed on them...Well...Guess what? I love that products! I declare myself an SAP's Merchandise addict...

You might be asking...Sure Blag have a lot of SAP's merchs...But how much? Well...I have obtained my SAP stuff from a lot of sources...First of course was SCN, then I won a 50 dollars voucher because I made it to "Second Place on Scripting Languages" on SCN, then some SCN/BPX people give me some really neat gifts...And sure...I bought some of them with my money -;)

Other thing that I love and can be considered SAP's Merch...Are books from SAP Press...I have bought all of them...Because it seems that people don't like to gift Geek books...Or maybe they're kinda expensive...And they are...But also some of them really worth the money (Specially the ones I own).

Best thing for me...Being a SAP Mentor, is that I got some "Extra" SAP's Merch...The one that you could only get if your a SAP Mentor -:)



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