viernes, 27 de junio de 2008

When your nickname...Became your name...

I'm not sure about the first time I used Blag as my nickname...But this picture is the oldest prove that I have found...Dated 2003, October 13.

Ok...My profile photo is not that old -:) I changed like 2 years ago...

Anyway...It seems that I have used my nickname for the last 5 years...In many forums, webpages and more...I'm so committed to it, that my friends called me Blag instead of Alvaro (Which is of course, my real name).

Sure, there's a couple of ways to explain this behavior...

* It's easier for non Spanish speaker to pronounce Blag instead of Alvaro.
* I always tell my friends..."Please call me Blag".
* As I said before...I'm know as Blag in the www.

So, as said by Craig Cmehil in his last Friday Morning Report, it's amazing how can people talk about me using both names, and still people are going to know that they're talking about me -:) That's for me...The power of the nickname -;)

So now...You know...If I ever meet you in real life...Don't hesitate to call me Blag...I really love my nickname.



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