martes, 24 de junio de 2008

Do you read my Feeds?

In the last couple of months a lot of people had came to me asking..."What is RSS? Why should I use it?"...Well...To me is like asking..."What a Newspaper? Why should I have one?"

What's wrong with people? I mean...All that people were SAP Consultants...That know anything about RSS...

Call me Grumpy...What that question of question really annoy me...

So...Why should we use RSS? Easy...To not keep visiting every web page to see if there are any news...I use Google Reader everyday, to get in touch with SAP, Technologies and Scripting Languages.

Feed comes in a small and organized way, so you can read all the header and decide if you want to read further or wanna go to the next bunch of feeds.

So my advice is to choose a good Feed Reader and stop wasting your time -:)



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