jueves, 19 de junio de 2008

Why this blog?

As many of you might know...I blog on English at SCN and on Spanish at El Blog Tecnológico de Blag...But there are certain topics that I can't blog on SCN for some obvious reasons...And don't want to blog on my personal blog, because they're not exactly related to the theme of my blog.

That's why I have created this brand new blog...Blag's bag of rants...Where I'm going to talk about everything that I want or want to share -;)

Why I'm not doing this blog on Spanish? Easy...Call me Geek...Call me looser...But actually I feel more confortable bloggin in English than in Spanish...Maybe it's because I started my blogging career blogging in English...I'm not sure...Maybe it's because by writting in English I'm going to get more reader from all over the world...

I really hope you like this new blog...It's not going to be updated very often...Because maintaining 3 blogs at the same time, can be really hard...But I'm going to give my best shot.



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